The secret to Lara Worthington's radiant looking skin

The secret to Lara Worthington’s radiant looking skin

The secret to Lara Worthington’s radiant looking skin. Lara Worthington has been spilling her skincare secrets, saying she ‘treasures’ her sleep to help keep her skin looking fresh and recharged.

The 31-year-old model – who is married to actor Sam Worthington – told Vogue Australia: “Without fail, I always have a warm shower before I go to bed followed by a blast of cold water for the last minute or so.

“I find it meditative plus it’s great for my skin and hair. The evening shower is like a final nod to the day, and some quiet time to myself.

“As bedtime approaches, I try to do the ‘no-screens’ thing but that’s hard seeing as we do so much on our phones, including reading.
“I like drinking a small cup of a relaxation or sleep tea. These are a great way to get to sleep without any day-after drowsiness.

“As a mother of two boys under four, my sleep at night is very treasured. For my skin, energy, focus and general mood I find a good night’s sleep means more now than ever.”

And the blonde beauty shared her skincare secrets, saying: “I start my evening routine with a cleanser to wash off anything that was on my face for the day. At night, I usually opt for a light moisturiser because I think it’s important to let my skin breathe while I sleep. A good night’s rest is of course part of any good skincare regime – so sleeping on comfy and organic sheets helps that.

“Where possible, nothing makes me feel better than jumping in the ocean after a long-haul flight. And really early morning swims to conquer jet lag over the first few days of a trip. I try to eat well – a good mix of greens and grains and always eat at the usual meal times of where I am – it helps your body snap into the local time so you sleep better.”

The secret to Lara Worthington’s radiant looking skin

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