Alessandra Ambrosio shares her morning beauty routine

Alessandra Ambrosio shares her morning beauty routine

Alessandra Ambrosio shares her morning beauty routine. Alessandra Ambrosio has opened up about her morning beauty routine.

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel reveals she often opts for tinted moisturiser over a heavy coverage foundation, saying: “Instead of using moisturiser, I use a tinted moisturiser, I’m not a big fan of foundation but if I have something special [to go to] I will obviously apply some. Brazilian beauty to me means natural and glowy, you get a little tan.”

But that doesn’t mean she takes a pared-back approach to her cosmetics – eyeliner, lip products and a range of sparkly shadows are all part of the 38-year-old’s routine.

She said: “I love eyeliner I think it makes the eyes bigger. I’m obsessed with lashes but mine are very short so it’s kind of annoying. [I use] a metal separator and I’ve been using it forever to make them [my lashes] go in the direction you want.”

Skincare is very important to the Brazilian supermodel as she reveals that she ‘lives’ in a bikini.

She explains: “Everything I use is very creamy – one of my friends a make-up artist says to say ‘Bonjour’ when I contour so I say ‘Bonjour’. And last step for the face is a facial mist to help keep the oil away.

“I’m Brazilian and I love showing my skin and being in my bikini and I was a Victoria’s Secret angel for almost 20 years and I did 17 fashion shows. “One of the biggest parts is taking care of your skin and I like to keep it nice and moist and shiny and glowy.”

Sheet masks and jade rollers help keep her skin fresh and plump in the morning.

Speaking to Vogue’s ‘Beauty Secrets’ series, she gave fans a rundown of her skincare routine: “If I have time and I have something special that I have to go [to], this is what I do. I like to start with my sanitiser that smells like lavender and a face mask, and a jade roller, it’s usually in my fridge and it wakes me up. Sun is a big thing for me, I live in my bikini, I’m from Brazil I always go to the beach so I always wear sunblock and I want to protect my skin.”

Alessandra Ambrosio shares her morning beauty routine

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