Kourtney Kardashian launches new lifestyle website

Kourtney Kardashian launches new lifestyle website

Kourtney Kardashian launches new lifestyle website. Kourtney Kardashian has officially launched her new lifestyle website, Poosh.
Named after her daughter Penelope, the website is dedicated to sharing Kourtney’s knowledge of living a well-balanced life.

Kourtney explains to Vogue.com: “It’s a place of discovery. [It will be] curating a lifestyle that’s very much the lifestyle that I lead.

“It’s important to use my voice to share everything I’ve learned.”

However, she insists she won’t be projecting an image of perfection, saying: “It’s all about living your best life and embracing the fact that it’s not perfect.”

And while the busy mother-of-three can be seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians snacking on dairy and gluten free snacks, she has recently adopted a more flexible eating plan.

“I eat dairy and gluten in moderation,” she explains, “I try to do my best but I don’t stick to it religiously.”

Supplements, however, are important, with Kourtney incorporating collagen, MCT oil, olive leaf and Chlorophyll into her diet and seeign a holistic doctor every two weeks.

Speaking about her California-based doctor of four years, she says: “We check my [blood] levels once I am finished with a new vitamin pack and tweak what’s necessary.”

And, while not everything in her kit is 100% organic, she tries to take an honest approach to her makeup and skincare routine, saying: “I try to use all natural beauty products.”

Her new business may just be starting, but Kourtney is already open to expansion.

Could she be following in the footsteps of her sisters and be creating her own beauty products?

“I can’t say!”, she teased.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Kourtney Kardashian launches new lifestyle website

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