Adriana Lima on modelling after Victoria's Secret retirement

Adriana Lima on modelling after Victoria’s Secret retirement

Adriana Lima on modelling after Victoria’s Secret retirement. She may have announced her retirement from Victoria’s Secret last year, but Adriana Lima is as busy as ever in her modelling career.

She told PEOPLE: “When I announced that I would no longer be with Victoria’s Secret, I think everyone thought I was going to a different planet.”

“I have been working a lot and am continuing to work on new projects and taking care of my two beautiful daughters. Life is just as busy as it has always been and I love it that way.”

One of her most recent projects was a star-studded advert for the $690m renovation of the Palm Springs Resort in Las Vegas.

The model posed at a giant table full of gourmet food while two Samurai soldiers fought in front of her.

“I had a huge suite for my stay so everything was super over-the-top that I should have known right then what I was in for when filming the commercial,” she says.

“I walk in and it’s this amazing table with lots of food and then two Samurai’s jump on the table and start to battle when the director yelled action. It took a lot of composure to look cool and serious because I wanted to die laughing each take.”

She also had to stop herself from devouring the array of food on set, saying: “I’m Brazilian, I see food and I cannot control myself.”

“But, I actually didn’t eat the food on the table because it was too pretty to touch, instead I was given a tour of the kitchen and the chef kept giving me special things he was making.”

Other stars in the commercial included Cardi B, Rita Ora, Ezra Miller, Emily Ratajkowski, DJ Marshmello, designer Dapper Dan and chef Michael Symon.

Lima explains that her interaction with the other stars was limited and she was most upset with not seeing one person in particular.

She says: “We shot scenes individually and I’m sad Cardi B and I filmed on separate days.

“I actually had a chance to meet her at the Tom Ford show in New York City and she was so sweet. I’m a big fan of hers.”

And while she missed Cardi B, she admits she still sees her VS Angel family: “”I still see the girls all of the time at shoots or events.

“I was just with Josephine [Skriver] the other day for a Maybelline campaign. It’s a little family. Once you’re an Angel, you’re always an Angel.”

Adriana Lima on modelling after Victoria’s Secret retirement

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