The secret behind Shay Mitchell's glowing skin

The secret behind Shay Mitchell’s glowing skin

The secret behind Shay Mitchell’s glowing skin. Actress Shay Mitchell has revealed the secrets to her enviable glowing skin.

The ‘You’ star likes to let her skin ‘breathe’ by not wearing an ‘ounce of makeup’ on her days off, telling PEOPLE: “”I like to take days off to let my skin breathe. On any days that I’m not working, I won’t have an ounce of makeup on, even if I’m going to a friend’s house.”

Mitchell also admitted that she didn’t always have such perfect skin, saying that when she moved to LA, the climate and hectic schedule wreaked havoc on her complexion.

But thanks to working with makeup artists and dermatologists, she found a skincare routine that works.

And the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actress insists that her go-to product is La Mer’s The Concentrate, telling PEOPLE: “I can’t live without it. I don’t only use it as a moisturizer, I also mix it with my foundation.”

She also swears by the brand’s Renewal Oil.

Reavealing why she loves these products so much, she said: “I just think their products are made from such high quality.”

But Mitchell is also a fan of the Bioré pore strips, ‘because I’m a real fanatic about blackheads, so any of those are something that are always [with me].”

She shared her favourite way to de-stress, saying: ” love to heat up a big bowl of warm water, put a towel over my head, add a couple drops of either citrus or aromatherapy oils, and just veg out and don’t stress about stuff! I know, I know, it sounds easier than it is.”

The secret behind Shay Mitchell’s glowing skin

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