How Eva Green feels red carpet ready

How Eva Green feels red carpet ready

How Eva Green feels red carpet ready. Actress Eva Green has revealed that she likes to ‘feel like myself’ when she’s rocking a look on the red carpet.

While the ‘Dumbo’ star thinks it’s ‘wonderful’ to wear haute couture dresses, what she wears has to reflect her own personal style.

She told Vogue UK: “t’s wonderful to dress up for the red carpet…If Alexander McQueen gives me a dress, I’m going to enjoy wearing it. That said, I have to feel like myself in my clothes. I work with the stylist Leslie Fremar. She’s a little bit edgy, and she really listens to you.

“I always prefer a dress that feels original, whether it’s Iris Van Herpen or Tom Ford. Original, like Dumbo!”

However, in terms of her day-to-day style, Eva likes to keep things casual, saying: “In terms of day-to-day style, I’m all about being comfortable. I prefer flats to heels, and I wear a lot of Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester – leggings and flowing tops, especially. If I’m home though, I may just stay in sweatpants.”

And the French beauty also has been spilling her skincare secrets, insisting her glowing skin is down to Boots No.7 range.

She added: “”No. 7 from boots. My skin is quite dry, and their cream is incredibly nourishing. It’s boring, but I also drink lots of water and eat well. That makes more of a difference than any product. That said, I do love a sheet mask.”

How Eva Green feels red carpet ready

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