How Maggie Rogers describes her personal style

How Maggie Rogers describes her personal style

How Maggie Rogers describes her personal style. Maggie May has seen her career go from strength to strength since bursting onto the scene via a viral YouTube video of her song ‘Alaska’ in 2016.

And now the songstress has sat down with to talk about style and how fashion plays a part in her shows.

She told US Vogue: “It was easier for me to play a character onstage, to dress up and suit up to access this performance mentality.
“I do like that sometimes, but I also want to make sure that it’s enough if I just show up in whatever I’m wearing.

“I’m finding some middle ground between these elements. I want my performances to be fun. Some nights I’ll wear jeans and a T-shirt and others I’ll wear this velvet zebra-print two-piece.”

“I like glitter, I like fringe, I like shiny things. I also like raw fabrics. I guess at this moment, I describe my personal style as a mix between a space cowgirl and a San Francisco art teacher.”

The singer – who toured with Mumford & Sons last year – feels her style is always ‘evolving’ as she likes to experiment with ‘different garments’ to complete her onstage persona.

She added: “There are different expectations for your wardrobe depending on your gender and your genre. Women in rock are still very different than women in pop, and also, like when I was on tour with Mumford & Sons, they would just get onstage in whatever they were wearing that day. Most female performers feel like they can’t get away with that. I like for my style to be almost so perfectly not a part of the story.

“Personal style, like music, is something that is always evolving. I like a lot of different things and that’s just who I am.”

How Maggie Rogers describes her personal style

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