Emily Blunt looks back on her style evolution

Emily Blunt looks back on her style evolution

Emily Blunt looks back on her style evolution. Actress Emily Blunt has been taking a stroll down fashion memory lane with her stylist Jessica Paster.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the ‘A Quiet Place’ star praised her stylist for teaching her how to make bold fashion choices.
She shared: “I do really love red carpets because they’re full of fantasia and it’s so not what I wear every day, and so I think she’s taught me a great deal about boldness and it can bring out an element of yourself you didn’t quite know was there, and I think then the dress never wears you. You’re always comfortable.”

She told THR about how in her early red carpet days, she was all about simple sequins.

While looking at her Marc Bouwer gown she wore to the 2008 BAFTAs, Blunt revealed: “I was scared to wear anything too crazy at that point.”

Paster told THR: “That is an evolution because in the beginning, Emily did like simple colors”

“Sequins, tight and beaded. That was kind of how I went,” Blunt added.

The ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ star previously revealed what she has learned about style, sharing: “What have I learned about style? I’ve learned that I had none before I embarked into this industry, I used to really enjoy wearing men’s waistcoats, quite lurid colours, with white jeans, but like mum jeans, before they were cool. I wonder if I wore that now if I’d be a trail blazer? So I’ve learned that … I think style is an extension of who you are.”

She also revealed some beauty secrets and how she learned to ’embrace the pale’.

“I’ve learnt that confidence is actually very quiet and it’s not in your face and it’s not chest beating. It’s very still and very quiet. I’ve learnt about beauty that I personally, should not lie in the sun – I am naturally very pale and I should just embrace it. So I’ve learnt to wear sunscreen and embrace the pale.”

Emily Blunt looks back on her style evolution

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