Gucci are taking their Cruise 2020 show to Rome

Gucci are taking their Cruise 2020 show to Rome

Gucci are taking their Cruise 2020 show to Rome. Though Gucci have travelled to New York, Florence, London and Arles for Cruise shows in the past, this time they’re heading to Rome for their Cruise 2020 show.

The show is due to take place on May 28th at the Capitoline Museums, considered to be the oldest museum complex in the world.
and there’s no doubt that the public works on display, which include Roman, medieval and Renaissance-era artifacts, will serve as a stunning backdrop for creative director Alessandro Michele’s vision.

In a release, the luxury fashion brand said: “The choice of location continues Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s dialogue with the old world, this time drawing from a place reminiscent of his childhood. Located on the Capitoline Hill, the Museums offer a unique look inside centuries-old history of Ancient Rome through a rich antiquities collection.”

Along with unveiling the location of its Cruise 2020 show, Gucci also announced that they plan to financially support the restoration of the rock face on the southern side of the Campidoglio, the Rupe Tarpea.

The site has historical significance as it’s the place where first century AD ‘traitors were sentenced to death from the cliff to the underlying Roman Forum,’ according to the release.

Michele has an ongoing obsession with history and antiques: most recently, the Pre-Fall 2019 collection was shot in Pompeii, Herculaneum and Selinunte.

So, we can’t wait to see how incredibly the Cruise 2020 show will look.

Gucci are taking their Cruise 2020 show to Rome

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