What do colours say to others about your look?

What do colours say to others about your look?

What do colours say to others about your look? The spring and summer seasons yield themselves more to bright colours and multi-coloured wardrobes, while the autumn and winter are more about darker tones and a narrower spectrum.

In other words, cold weather usually means fewer colours, and that means you have to give a little more thought to if and when you’re going to wear anything particularly colourful.

Mostly that just means listening to your own preferences and wearing the clothes that make you feel happy and stylish. However, if you’re going to be more selective in the coming months anyway, it’s not a bad idea to consider some additional factors you may not usually think about. Specifically, what are you actually projecting with any given colour?

There is really no such thing as an exact answer to this question regarding any individual colour. However, we do have a general psychological understanding of the effects certain colours in clothing can have on others. If that sounds interesting to you in advance of choosing your winter wardrobe, the following are a few examples.

Red – This is perhaps the most intense and complex colour in terms of its potential psychological impact. There are whole conversations about what signals you send when you wear red, and they’re perhaps best summed up by the statement that red is a colour of extremes.

It conveys passion, intensity and excitement, though it can also be somewhat intimidating. And while this isn’t necessarily fair to say, we should also note that some studies have indicated that red has a connection to perceived promiscuity.

Blue – Blue can be one of the best possible colours to wear if your goal is to appear poised and confident. Various shades of the colour are believed to be calming, yet also produce the feeling that you are sure of yourself and in control of a situation.

It’s for these reasons that blue might be recommended for everything from a job interview to a first date or a college reunion. Basically, it’s always safe!

Pink – Pink is actually a tough colour to nail down, though we found perhaps the most encapsulating description in the midst of a piece on how different outfits can affect perceptions in casinos.

This may sound a bit random, but casinos are some of the most psychologically complex environments on the planet, so they’re actually not bad for gleaning this sort of fashion tip. At any rate, the piece at hand described pink as soothing and nurturing, but weakening too.

That is to say, you can make other people feel comfortable and make yourself approachable in pink, but sometimes its softness can be projected onto your personality.

Green – If there’s any downside to wearing blue – and really, we wouldn’t say there is – it’s that it can project a slightly stern demeanor in some instances. Green is almost like blue without that little drawback.

It’s said to be a pleasant and reassuring colour for most people to look at, and basically makes people feel comfortable without making you look at all soft, as can happen with pink. It has a certain association with success or comfort as well, so you get a little bit of the same confidence you have with a blue outfit.

Black – And then there’s black, which is really about as complex as red in terms of why people wear it and what it projects. Black projects control, leadership, and stylishness – not to mention it tends to be at least somewhat flattering on most everybody!

Interestingly though, the main psychological reason behind wearing black is said to be a desire to reclaim one’s power, or protect oneself from what can’t be controlled. So that’s just something to keep in mind if you’re thinking through your own preferences – but don’t let it keep you from a nice black outfit or two this winter, because again, they tend to be quite flattering!

What do colours say to others about your look?

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