Louis Vuitton recreated iconic Paris building for AW19

Louis Vuitton recreated iconic Paris building for AW19

Louis Vuitton recreated iconic Paris building for AW19. For his latest collection with Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquière rebuilt an iconic Paris building.

Having staked his claim on the Louvre, Ghesquière opted to recreate the brightly coloured pipes of the Pompidou inside the museum.

Great French designer

Speaking about Pompidou’s aesthetic, Ghesquière said: “[It] was very much criticised at the time. But it has become central to Paris, to culture, to young people, to everyone who loves the future. Your eye gets used to something, and your tastes evolved and change.”

The designer went on to explain how he finds inspiration from the people of Paris, saying: “”I like to sit and watch the people there, to see what Paris really is. To see the street dancers, the museum people who are quite eccentric sometimes, the fashion people, the gothics – everyone.”

However, not everyone would describe his latest collection, which closed Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday evening, as pretty.

Paris Fashion Week

With leather skullcaps, chequerboard graphics and a burst of primary colours, balloon-legged trousers and shark-fin lapels, you wouldn’t exactly describe say it was easy on the eye.

And if you think his latest collection is ugly, Ghesquière is absolutely fine with that, saying: “It’s the beauty of controversy. I am happy to be misunderstood.”

Grungy looks were teamed with flat shoes on the brightly coloured Louis Vuitton catwalk, with Ghesquière explaining: “In the past in fashion, we put women in high heels to empower them.

Now we usually put them in flat shoes. I still love heels, but I don’t feel any more that they add anything to a silhouette.”

Louis Vuitton recreated iconic Paris building for AW19

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