Why Thandie Newton is loving her grey hair

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Why Thandie Newton is loving her grey hair. British actress, Thandie Newton says her grey hair is her “badge of honour” and a sign of her “wisdom”, which is why she refuses to have them pulled out when she goes to the salon. The 45-year-old actress has admitted when she visits the hair salon and they try to yank out any silver strands of hair, she is furious and tells the hairdresser not to touch her tresses because she is proud of them and views them as a symbol of her “wisdom”. Speaking to PEOPLE, the ‘Westworld’ star – who has Ripley, 17, Nico, 13, and Booker, three – said: “When I sit in a hairdresser’s chair, if a hairdresser goes to pull a grey, I’m like, ‘Whoa don’t you touch that!’ They just assume that I wouldn’t want that. But, this is my antenna to the greys out there! This is my wisdom, my badge of honour.” And Thandie has admitted she wants to keep her grey hairs because they remind her time is “running out” and she needs to make the most of her life. She continued: “And I want to see these greys so it reminds me every day that time is running out and that is something to celebrate; not to be afraid of.” However, Thandie never used to be so at ease with the signs of ageing that she claimed to see when she used to replay episodes of her in the HBO thriller series. She said: “I was watching the footage of ‘Westworld’ the end of the first season before it aired and I was like, ‘Ahh the shadows under my eyes! But Evan [Rachel Wood] looks blah, blah, blah!’ But then I was like, ‘Thandie, it’s because you got more years on you, of course.'” But Thandie has since embraced her appearance, although she didn’t “allow [herself] to celebrate” her flaws when she was younger. She said: “I didn’t allow myself to celebrate those shadows and lines because were all encouraged to say the same as we were at 20. But that’s not life.” is a 100% owned Irish fashion website that offers the latest Celebrity News and Fashion News to our users. also gives our users the opportunity to purchase selected, high quality goods directly from our wide range of fashion affiliates. An important note to remember is that is an affiliate sales website that offers users, links to accredited fashion websites on the Internet. takes no responsibility or liability for any transaction between user and each fashion vendor. It is the sole responsibility of each user to ensure they are completely happy to interact and trade with each on-line fashion vendor. would also advise all users to check for the correct sizes of items as well as delivery and returns policy of each vendor prior to purchasing items from them. Don’t forget to follows us on social media. If you enjoy shopping for Ladies fashion, Men’s fashion, or Teenage fashion then look around our site and enjoy!. features Fashion news, Irish fashion news, entertainment news, Celebrity news, Online shopping and Irish fashion.Why Thandie Newton is loving her grey hair.

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