Susan Sarandon talks fashion

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Susan Sarandon talks fashion. Actress, Susan Sarandon thinks clothing should not “overpower” the wearer but “enhance” the person donning the garments. The 71-year-old actress thinks the key to fashion is to feel “comfortable as well as beautiful”, and she doesn’t think putting on clothes should take over but should, in fact, “enhance” the person donning the garments. Speaking to, the ‘Thelma & Louise’ movie legend – who has daughter Eva, 32, as well as sons Miles, 25, and Jack, 28 – said: “Be comfortable as well as beautiful. Don’t let clothing overpower you, let it enhance.” And the star has revealed her style icon is the late Doris Duke, and the character she portrayed in the 1988 movie ‘Bull Durham’. She explained: “Doris Duke in ‘Bernard and Doris’. Annie Savoy in ‘Bull Durham’ – she was so inventive, outside the box but feminine and sexy in an unusual way.” But Susan has revealed she has had her fair share of fashion blunders over the years, as when she attended the ‘Pretty Baby’ premiere, she donned a “simple vintage dress” that was see-through and revealed her bare chest. Speaking about the embarrassing moment, she explained: “My first trip to Cannes was for the film. I wore a beautiful and simple vintage dress that became see-through once the paparazzi started shooting and of course I was braless.” However, the ‘Stepmom’ star has no regrets and has advised youngsters to make mistakes “more quickly” in life and to enjoy their youthful beauty while they can. She said: “Make your mistakes more quickly and enjoy your beauty more.” Other then the mishap Susan is “fine” with how her life has panned out. She added: “Other than that I really am fine with the way I’ve dealt with my life.” is a 100% owned Irish fashion website that offers the latest Celebrity News and Fashion News to our users. also gives our users the opportunity to purchase selected, high quality goods directly from our wide range of fashion affiliates. An important note to remember is that is an affiliate sales website that offers users, links to accredited fashion websites on the Internet. takes no responsibility or liability for any transaction between user and each fashion vendor. It is the sole responsibility of each user to ensure they are completely happy to interact and trade with each on-line fashion vendor. would also advise all users to check for the correct sizes of items as well as delivery and returns policy of each vendor prior to purchasing items from them. Don’t forget to follows us on social media. If you enjoy shopping for Ladies fashion, Men’s fashion, or Teenage fashion then look around our site and enjoy!. features Fashion news, Irish fashion news, entertainment news, Celebrity news, Online shopping and Irish fashion.Susan Sarandon talks fashion.

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