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Paddy McGuinness bans Niall Horan from having house parties

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Paddy McGuinness bans Niall Horan from having house parties. Niall Horan’s pal Paddy McGuinness has banned the solo singer from having house parties and inviting girls round to his home when the TV presenter goes to stay with the One Direction star in the new year. The solo singer – who turned 24 today – has invited his friend Paddy McGuinness to stay in January when the TV presenter has some filming to do in London, and the entertainer doesn’t want to be kept awake by the One Direction star and any of his female friends. Paddy – who has been married to Christine Martin since 2011 – quipped: “I’ve got to wish Niall happy birthday because I’m staying at his place down in London in the new year. I’ve bagged a room when I’m filming. I’ve told him, ‘Don’t be bringing girls back and all that when I’m trying to go to sleep.'”

“I’ve set the ground rules down in his own house. I’m staying there for a week in the new year. I’m all over inviting people to his house. He’s got to get used to that.” While Paddy has banned Niall from having house parties, he is hoping the star will be up for watching British TV soap opera ‘Coronation Street’ during cosy evenings in together. He added: “I’ve told him, ‘No girls, no parties.’ Just me and him – ‘Corrie’.” Paddy also joked he is looking forward to ordering loads of pizzas on Niall’s takeaway account. He said: “I’ll be absolutely spending that when I’m at his house. I’m going to order Domino’s on tap on his Just Eat app.” As well as gorging on pizzas and watching TV soaps during his one-week stay at Niall’s abode, Paddy is hoping to convince the ‘Slow Hands’ singer to let him appear in one of his music videos. Speaking on ‘The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw’, he added: “I’m staying at his house but my ambition in life, I’m going to get in one of his pop videos.”

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