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Noel Gallagher slams Greg Kurstin’s songwriting

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Noel Gallagher slams Greg Kurstin’s songwriting. Noel Gallagher has slammed Greg Kurstin’s songwriting ability and offered to teach him how to write a proper tune. The former Oasis guitarist has hit out at the producer, who contributed to many of the songs on his brother and bitter rival Liam Gallagher’s debut solo record ‘As You Were’, and said Kurstin was very fortunate to get to work with the likes of Adele, Sir Paul McCartney and Foo Fighters.  The 50-year-old rocker – who releases his third solo album ‘Who Built The Moon?‘ next Friday (24.11.17) – has offered to teach 48-year-old Kurstin how to write properly. When told many people have hailed him a “studio wizard”, Noel fumed to Vulture.com: “Oh really? Well then, I think he’s a very f**king lucky boy, and I don’t mean Paul McCartney. If Greg Kurstin ever needs me to teach him how to write a f**king song, he should give me a call, because what I’ve heard is embarrassing.” It comes after Noel compared Liam’s song ‘For What It’s Worth’ to “Adele shouting into a bucket”.  Noel – who has barley spoken to Liam since Oasis split in 2009 – took aim at the ‘Wall of Glass’ singer’s “army of songwriters”. Asked if he’s heard any of the songs from his 45-year-old sibling’s number one record, Noel said: “I’ve heard ‘Wall of Glass’ and the one that sounds like Adele shouting into a bucket. But I’m not a fan so I wouldn’t listen to it.” And when told that his voice was sounding “good”, Noel hit back: “But we’re not striving for good are we? We’re striving for great.” The ‘Fort Knox’ songwriter – who penned most of the Britpop group’s hits – said he won’t waste his time critiquing an album with so many co-writers. He concluded: “I’m not sure I can be arsed formulating an opinion on a record that’s written by an army of songwriters. Isn’t the one from One Direction doing that? The little Irish fella with the acoustic? At least he has the decency to play a guitar. I’m not a fan. I have nothing to say about it.”

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