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Mandy Moore shares update on her home renovations

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Mandy Moore shares update on her home renovations. Mandy Moore has almost completed renovations on her new home, which she will share with her fiancé Taylor Goldsmith. The 33-year-old actress and her fiancé Taylor Goldsmith are currently taking on extensive renovations of their new home in Pasadena, and last Tuesday (02.01.18) the star took to her Instagram story to give her fans an update as to how the work was progressing. In a video – which stays active on the feature for 24 hours – Mandy said: “Here we go. We’re about three weeks away from moving in.” The ‘This Is Us‘ star showed off her newly laid garden which is being planted in the walkway of her home and said: “We didn’t have [this] last time.” Mandy and Taylor’s home is quite a way from being finished though, as she also told her followers that their bedroom is currently a “door factory”, as it’s full of doors for other rooms that have yet to be fitted. She also claimed the pair need to have their refrigerator fitted, as well as being in the middle of an ongoing paint job. She added: We have lighting! We have a bathtub … and a showerhead and lights. I love this house but the closet space … leaves a little to be desired. But, we’ll make it work!” Mandy and Taylor currently share a temporary pad, but this home will mark their first permanent space together. Speaking in July, Mandy said: “We do live together, but because we don’t have our own space that’s ours right now, we haven’t really ventured into the blending of [our] things. He has a ton of books and records, so we made sure in the design of the house that we’re doing a lot of built-ins and bookshelves. I think he’s very sentimental about his stuff and I’m not, so I don’t understand that as much, but I’m very compassionate about it and sympathetic. He really loves his piano and I’m like, ‘Babe, it’s not going to fit with the whole colour scheme of the house’. That’s my biggest hurdle at this point, figuring out, do we replace the piano or do we just let this shiny, black upright piano go in the middle of the house? We’re going to figure that out.”

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