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Karlie Kloss and her Adidas exercise challenge

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Karlie Kloss and her Adidas exercise challenge. Karlie Kloss admits finding the time to exercise is “challenging” so she motivates herself by keeping the sessions fun.The 24-year-old beauty – who is the new adidas Women’s Training global ambassador – is kept busy with her modelling career and university studies but finds the motivation to work out by making the sessions as fun as possible. She said: “One of the most challenging parts about training is fitting it into my schedule. Because my time outside of work and classes is so limited, I like to have fun with my workouts. I enjoy mixing up my routine with a great upbeat playlist to keep me going.” And Karlie finds inspiration for her workouts by recognising her “small victories” during the sessions. She said: “For me, a breakthrough can be big or small. It can be trying a completely new workout, doing an extra circuit during a HIIT workout, or motivating myself to exercise at the end of a long day.

It’s important to recognise the small victories as well as the big ones. “Appreciating the moment, no matter how big or small, helps me stay motivated and keeps me in a positive mindset.” The stunning star likes to vary her workouts but her favourite sessions are interval or circuit training. She explained: “With my workouts, I don’t focus on specific numbers. Instead, I focus on ways to stay active and mix up my routine throughout the week, especially if my schedule is unpredictable. If I’m traveling or have full days at work, I always bring my workout gear with me, so when things don’t go as planned, I can always get a good sweat in at the end of the day… “I love interval and circuit training because it leaves my body feeling challenged and rewarded. With my personal trainer we focus on sculpting, toning, dance cardio and HIIT. In between, I do pilates, yoga and stretching as a way to reset and refocus.” Karlie is the face of adidas Women’s Training SS17 collection, available now on

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