Are furry sandals are a bad show choice?

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Are furry sandals are a bad show choice? Of all the fashion oxymorons in the world, fur sandals has to be one of the funniest (and funnest). Fur (winter) + Sandals (summer) = One very confused, but weirdly very popular, shoe. A report by Hannah Almassi of whowhatwear.co.uk

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The references one could pull up for this sudden boom in furry or fluffy slip-on mules are pretty varied: Add in a stiletto heel and you’ve got sassy boudoir slippers suitable for all Dita Von Teese-wannabes, but if you go back to the very high fashion root of the trend you’ll find the controversy-making fur-covered and -lined shoes of Céline spring/summer 2013. And—trust us, because we’ve getting a sneak peek at all of next season’s collections—this is lined up to be even bigger news later in the year, with more styles on the horizon from Malone Souliers, Natasha Zinko, Avec Modération and Christopher Kane, to name but a few. See Hannah’s story in full here. Are furry sandals are a bad show choice? Check out Fashion.ie for more celebrity fashion and on line shopping. Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram Like fashion, live fashion, love fashion

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