Why Chrissy Teigen has boycotted Dolce and Gabbana

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Why Chrissy Teigen has boycotted Dolce and Gabbana. American model, Chrissy Teigen has refused to wear Dolce and Gabbana since they made controversial comments about “synthetic babies produced by fertility treatment in 2015. The ‘Lip Sync Battle’ star – who has been open about the struggle she and husband John Legend faced to become parents to daughter Luna, now 19 months – hasn’t worn items from the designer duo’s label since they discussed their opposition to gay adoption and branded children conceived via fertility treatment “synthetic” in a 2015 interview. Chrissy made the revelation while addressing the treatment of YouTube personality Logan Paul, who sparked a huge backlash when he posted a video depicting the body of an alleged suicide victim in Japan in a clip he has now deleted and apologised for. The 32-year-old model – who is pregnant with her second child – wrote: “Re: Logan Paul, something I always think about is when people make…ethical mistakes, as in, not-illegal, should we really be trying I ruin their lives and end their careers or accept the apology, personally make a choice to stop watching, and move on. “An example I have is with a certain clothing company. Years ago the designers said things I personally found horrible about IVF children. I made the choice to simply…never wear or purchase again instead of trying to ‘end them.’ (sic)” Meanwhile, in 2015, stars including Courtney Love, Sir Elton John and Ricky Martin vowed not to wear Dolce and Gabbana again following the family comment controversy. The row was sparked by an interview conducted by Italian publication Panorama, in which Dolce was quoted as saying: “Wombs for rent, sperm selected from a catalog… Who would agree to be the daughter of chemistry? Procreation must be an act of love, now not even psychiatrists are prepared to deal with the effects of these experiments… “You are born and you have a father and mother. At least it should be like that. That’s why I’m not convinced by what I call chemical children, synthetic babies.” The design duo, a former couple, later branded the boycott “medieval”. Gabbana said: “Boycott Dolce & Gabbana for what? They don’t think like you? This is correct? This is not correct. We are in 2015. This is like medieval. It’s not correct.” His design partner said his stance was based on his own Sicilian upbringing but insisted he “respects” other people’s views. He said: “I believe in the traditional family. It is impossible to change my culture for something different. It’s me… I respect all the world, all the culture.” is a 100% owned Irish fashion website that offers the latest Celebrity News and Fashion News to our users. also gives our users the opportunity to purchase selected, high quality goods directly from our wide range of fashion affiliates. An important note to remember is that is an affiliate sales website that offers users, links to accredited fashion websites on the Internet. takes no responsibility or liability for any transaction between user and each fashion vendor. It is the sole responsibility of each user to ensure they are completely happy to interact and trade with each on-line fashion vendor. would also advise all users to check for the correct sizes of items as well as delivery and returns policy of each vendor prior to purchasing items from them. Don’t forget to follows us on social media. If you enjoy shopping for Ladies fashion, Men’s fashion, or Teenage fashion then look around our site and enjoy!. features Fashion news, Irish fashion news, entertainment news, Celebrity news, Online shopping and Irish fashion. Why Chrissy Teigen has boycotted Dolce and Gabbana.

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