Beard Maintenance Tips

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Beard Maintenance Tips. The beard has lost its spot at fashion’s top table, but bare-cheeked men still look on the hirsute with awe. Bushiness had its moment quivering down runways, but even if bristles aren’t trending, there’s still something about growing hair from your face in such volumes it can be styled and shaped, that greens the eyes of those who can’t. Story by Tom Banham of

Because while some chaps seem (Brian) Blessed with cheeks that erupt like Vesuvius, who must shave morning and night or start to look like a Victorian cricket captain, for others, facial hair hits puberty then halts, leaving beards as patchy as a Christmas tree in June. But fret not, smooth-cheeked men. Before googling beard transplants (they exist and the pictures aren’t pretty) know that with some shaving savvy you can turn a barren beard lush.

Grow Long

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If you’ve always balked the minute your face winds up like Keanu, then step away from the razor.

Yes, there’s going to be an awkward month or so where you beard looks like someone’s ripped off duct tape. But once you graduate from teen fluff and hit fisherman-level length, the fulsome zones should cover any holes. If they don’t, it’s time to work smarter.

Keep Things Trim


“Some patches you can get away with,” says Adam Brady, beard tsar at Ruffians barbers. You can shave to the level of gaps high on your cheek, or low on your throat, to create face-flattering angles.

“But if they fall into the middle of your cheek, a low-grade clipper helps lessen the contrast.” The length you’re shooting for is tomorrow’s five o’clock shadow; set your clippers to grade two and let lose all over your face and neck. It’s short enough for holes not to seem so barren, long enough that you don’t look like you’re late for double maths. See Tom’s story in full here. Beard Maintenance Tips. Check out for more celebrity fashion and on line shopping. Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram Like fashion, live fashion, love fashion

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