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Angie Bowie says her and David admitted their bisexuality immediately

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Angie Bowie says her and David admitted their bisexuality immediately. Angie Bowie has claimed that she and David Bowie agreed they were both bisexual the first night they met and she claims she helped him come up with his androgynous stage image. The 67-year-old former model was the first wife of the rock icon and the pair met in London in 1969 after being introduced to one another by their mutual friend, record executive Dr. Calvin Mark Lee. Angie says that she and David – who she married in March 1970 – were very candid about their sexuality from the off and she quickly realised that the musician’s bisexuality could be the thing that separated him from the other rockers and led to him creating the androgynous persona Ziggy Stardust in 1972. In an interview with The Times newspaper, Angie said: “I sat down with David the first night I met him and we agreed we were bisexual. Later, when it came to understanding how we could reach the marketplace, I wondered if there was niche suited to David. My conclusion was that conversation about sexuality.” However, David’s outrageous alter ego and subsequent incarnations drew him ire from the gay scene in London at the time. She said: “It brought us the total disdain of jackasses and hypocrites. I realised we were having an effect when the closeted old queens started raging about us and saying we were so terrible. I thought, ‘We’ve got ’em where it hurts.’ They didn’t want anyone to know.”

Angie had to accept that life with David would mean that she would have to share him with groupies and a long procession of admirers, but the blonde American didn’t care as she knew she was the “queen bee”. She said: “I really didn’t care about anyone getting in my face with David as long as they realised I was the queen. I thought, ‘Sure flirt, do your thing. But guess what? I’m the queen bee, baby.” David died at the age of 69 in January 2016 after losing his battle with liver cancer and Angie discovered the tragic news whilst she was appearing on reality UK TV show ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. The couple eventually divorced in 1980 and their son together Zowie, the film director now known as Duncan Jones, lived with his father with visits to his mother. Angie has been estranged from Duncan since he was 13 and admits she has not attempted to make contact with her son since his world famous father passed away. She said: “My son? No, why should I be? I’m not interested. It stopped when my father changed his will to not include an educational trust for Zowie because David divorced me. When my father did that I followed precedent. It’s over. Nothing. Nothing to do with me.”

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